Center for Research On Political Action in Europe

By virtue of its multidisciplinary nature (political science, sociology, information and communication sciences, history) this unit comes under the Human and Social Sciences Department of the CNRS.

Its scholars are assessed by sections 36 and 40. Due to the reputation of its work, the part it plays in international networks and the size of its team (more than 70 persons: 6 CNRS research fellows, 31 teacher-researchers, 35PhD students, 3 post-docs and 3 ITA), CRAPE is one of the main reference centers for political science in France.

CRAPE welcomed the Joints Sessions 2008 of the European Consortium of Political Research.

Doctoral dissertations at the CRAPE

  • Twelve dissertations have been defended since 2004.
  • Since 2003, six PhD holders have been on as lecturers, one at the EHESP. five of them have spent a year in an foreign institution abroad within a post-doctoral scholarship program and three post-docs are now in progress.


CRAPE is also developing two types of activity which run across disciplines and research lines:

  • Seminars : collective workshops have been started on gender, "mobilising with Emotions", the regionalisation of political phenomena, "Identities, Ethnicities and Social Powers". These are completed by a general seminar and a doctoral seminar.
  • Research on the links between the media, collective mobilisation and public policies; on the media at the local and the dynamics of territorialisation of public policies.


Masters backed by the CRAPE

  • Action and Public Sphere in Europe
  • Expertises of Territorial Public Action
  • Journalism
  • European Policies

Tel. : +33 - 2 99 84 39 18
Fax: +33 - 2 99 84 39 50