Daily life in Sciences Po Rennes


Zéphyr Association proposes to welcome you when you arrive in Rennes and help you year-round to socially integrate with students from Rennes. The association members will be here to cope with administrative requirements and find lodgings.

To contact them :

In addition, Sciences Po students act as tutors for each foreign students. The aim?

  • answer to your different questions about the Student Office, exams, the personality of such and such a professor, his class, etc.
  • help you with your work if necessary
  • facilitate your integration


An information meeting takes place the first day of the integration week at the beginning of September, for students who arrive on the first semester, and at the beginning of January for students who arrive on the second semester. Mentoring by the French students is organized at the beginning of each semester by Zephyr.

The Registration Office

Situated on the ground floor, this office helps you to choose your classes and gives you all the administrative information you need concerning your stay in Sciences Po Rennes.

Contact for the incoming students : Mireille Perrin

The opening times : 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday : 1h30 pm - 4h30 pm
Wednesday : 9h00 am - 11h30 am
Friday : 1h30 pm - 4h00 pm

International Relations
Located on the ground floor of the IEP, this department receives your online application and send you admission letter. It also welcomes you when you arrive in Sciences Po Rennes.

Contact for the incoming students : Caroline Biard

The opening times : 
Open from Monday to Thursday : 1h30 pm - 4h30 pm
The office is closed on Friday.

After these hours, the students can get in touch with these offices either by email or drop off the documents in the mailbox.

Insertion and Professional Relations

Located on the ground floor of the IEP, the department receives and distributes internship offers and job adverts. It helps students for trainings concerning the preparation for the search of internships and jobs.




Tel. : +33 - 2 99 84 39 18
Fax: +33 - 2 99 84 39 50