Financial support & work

Financial support for students

Housing Allowances

If you are in a university hall of residence or if you are renting an apartment, you can ask for an housing allowance (ALS). You can get it if you stay at least 3 months in France and if you have a long-term residence permit.

How do I get this aid?

You can go to the CAF website : (category “Etudiants” and “Aide au logement”), or pick up your file at the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) situated 6 cours des Alliés, next to the railway station.

Tel: 0820 25 35 10

What documents do I need?

European Union and European Economic Area :

  • a health insurance coverage
  • a certificate which state that your incomes are sufficient to live in France
  • identity papers

Other nationalities (outside European Union and European Economic Area) :

  • a copy of your visa and passport
  • Student affairs office


Working in France

Since the 1st July 2007, an international student may now be employed upon presentation of a valid temporary residency permit marked “étudiant”.
However, international students are not allowed to work a maximum of 964 hours per year.

Be careful not to exceed this number of hours, otherwise the temporary residency permit could be invalidated by the prefecture!

The student residency permit mainly concerns students who are citizens of countries which are not member of the European Union, and also students from some new European Union member states who want to do paid work during their period of study.

Tel. : +33 - 2 99 84 39 18
Fax: +33 - 2 99 84 39 50