Getting to Rennes

Administrative procedures and necessary documents

European Union and European economic area citizens
European Union and European Economic Area citizens do not need residence permit.

Other nationalities (outside the European Union or European Economic Area)
The situation depends on your visa.

If your visa indicates “CESEDA R311-3 6” and “AUTORISE TRAVAIL LIMITE 60% DUREE LEGALE”, and an application  for OFII attestation has been handed to you before your departure by the French Consulate, please come to the IEP’s international office to get the necessary information to validate your visa VLTS/TS.

For this validation, the following documents will have to be supplied : 

  • The OFII attestation with the second part completed by you,
  • A valid passport and photocopies of the pages with your civil status, expiration date, visa-D mention “Etudiant” – mention “R311-6”, part with the customs stamp indicating your date of arrival in France.

All the citizens from a country outside the European Union and the European Economic Area have to pass a medical examination to the “Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration” (OFII) to have the residency permit and buy a tax stamp of 58€.


Getting to Rennes

- By Plane

Rennes Saint-Jacques airport is an airport about 6km southwest of Rennes, you only need about 15-20 mn to go to the town centre. 
70 destinations (France and Europe), 50 flights per day.

Tel: + 33 2 99 29 60 00
Website :

- By High-Speed Train (TGV)

Very frequent connections between Paris and Rennes (travel time: 2 hours).
Book your ticket online as soon as possible for a better price.
 To find out about travel time, fares and to book a seat:

- By Boat

Nearest ports to Rennes are:

  • Saint-Malo (connections with Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth), 70km away from Rennes
  • Roscoff (connections with Plymouth and Cork), 180km away from Rennes
  • Cherbourg (connections with Poole and Portsmouth), 200km away from Rennes
  • Caen (connections with Portsmouth), 175km away from Rennes


For more information :

- Brittany Ferries, tel. 0 825 828 828, - 08.716.645.645
- P&O European Ferries, tel. 0 825 120 156,
- Condor Ferries, tel. 0 825 135 135,

- By Coach

Rennes bus station is just next to the railway station
Tel: +33 2 99 30 87 80
Eurolines coaches offer over 1.500 destinations all over Europe.
Website  :

Ouibus coaches offer 46 destinations by 46 rides all over France and Europe.

Website : 

- By Car

French Highway System is particularly well-developed. From Paris to Rennes, the time travel is 3h30 min.
These two websites can help you to plan the best route :

Easily book your seat and travel from city A to city B for much less, even at the last minute!

BlaBlaCar :

Tel. : +33 - 2 99 84 39 18
Fax: +33 - 2 99 84 39 50