International dimension

The international dimension is at the core of the "Sciences Po" Rennes Education. We are proud to have been the pioneers of a tradition: we were the first IEP to have established a compulsory year abroad for all students.

A compulsory year abroad...

The students of Sciences Po Rennes must spend their third year abroad, either in a university or in an internship program. Each academic year is assessed using ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System), which guarantees the recognition of courses and degrees all over Europe. Thanks to such agreements as ERASMUS in the European Union, ISEP in the United-States and numerous bilateral cooperation, the IEP has over 120 foreign partners in 37 countries around the world. It is also important to remind that our students are all required to study at least two foreign languages (plus a third optional one such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian).

International students

A large number of foreign students come to Rennes each year. Around 100 attend one – or two - semester classes at the IEP each year. We offer our foreign guest students two specific diplomas: the “certificat d'études politiques” (Certificate of Political Studies) for full-year students and the "Attestation d'Etudes Politiques" for semester students. Both have two specific modules :

  • a module of courses reserved to foreign students with mandatory lectures in French history and French language.
  • a module of 3 or 4 courses per semester freely selected from those taught at the Institute of Political Studies according to their own field of studies (Law, History, Management, Political Science…) including some courses in English.


Foreign students are invited to take part in a 2-week intensive French language session before the academic year starts.

Opportunities to stay at the Institute for a Master's degree are also offered. One faculty member  is in charge of their wellbeing and they can express their voice collectively by electing a foreign student to be a member of the student-staff representative body, the Conseil d'Administration.

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