International programmes

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If you have a good level of French
: French Programme

International students can enroll in two specific French programmes: the “Certificat d'Etudes Politiques”/ “Diploma of Political Studies” (CEP) for full academic year and the “Attestation d'Etudes Politiques”/”Certificate of Political Studies” (AEP) for one academic semester. In both cases they are offered a substantial insight into French culture as well as an access to a large range of courses offered in the institution. 

If you have little or no French :
English programme

Sciences Po Rennes proposes a programme in English for international students who have little or no prior knowledge of French.

The programme offers a general introduction to the political, social, and cultural landscapes of France and Europe, and examines important issues and debates in France today; all classes are taught in English. All students in the programme are provided with French language tuition (4h per week, plus optional computer-based independent training). Following intensive language tuition in the first semester, students can choose to switch to our French Certificate of Political Studies in the second semester, giving them access to a wider range of classes, mainly taught in French.

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