©DR. - Management team

The Director of Sciences Po Rennes is elected by the Board of Directors and officially appointed by France’s Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation for a five-year term.


Meet the team

  • Pablo Diaz, Director
  • Marta Iglesias Casal, Deputy and Academic Dean / Bachelor’s level.
  • Gil Desmoulin, Deputy and Academic Dean / Master’s level.
  • Romain Pasquier, Research Dean.
  • Thibault Tellier, Director of Development and Lifelong Learning.
  • Émilie Gaillard and Didier Mineur, Co-Directors of International Strategy.
  • Anne Chevrel, Director of Social and Environmental Responsibility.
  • Nicolas Escach, Director of the Caen Campus.
  • Sylvie Ollitrault, Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Officer.


Cyrielle LECLERC - Assistante de direction