Master's degrees

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Combining intellectual excellence and articulation with the requirements of the world of work.

The degree devilered at the end of the IEP curriculum is  a Master's degree. We offer approximately ten specialized Master's courses, either on site or in conjunction with our partner universities here in Rennes. Our students also have access to the joint resources of the IEP network, which opens over fifty different fields of study. In some cases, they have the opportunity to finish their studies abroad, and complete a master's degree in a foreign university. In other words, students have access to a wide range of master's courses, which has been a tradition since 1994, and the only constraint on their choice is a strict “quality control” regarding the excellence of the course to be associated with them and with the institute as a whole.

In addition to “our” students, in other words those students who have followed the entire five-year program here at the IEP, we welcome through our doors every year a select number of post-graduate students who spend a year here in order to obtain the “National Master's Diploma”.

Starting in September 2008, Sciences Po Rennes, in association with our local partner universities Rennes 1 and Rennes 2, will offer the following Master's degrees:

  • Political Science
  • Public Territory Policy Expertise
  • History and International Relations
  • Urban Service Engineering in Development Utilities
  • Journalism, Reportage, Investigation
  • Urban works Estate Management
  • Media Management
  • European Policies
  • ...

There is also the opportunity to pursue other options, for example:

  • Training Centre for the ENA
  • Civil service Recruitment training (in association with the IPAG)
  • Risk and Quality Management
  • Project and Organisation Management
  • Communication
  • ...

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