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Sciences Po Rennes encourages and supports international mobility.

 Sciences Po Rennes nurtures and strengthens its international ties in a number of practical ways: a third year spent abroad; international internships; the Erasmus programme; hosting partner delegations from every continent; regular contributions by guest speakers; and welcoming a large number of foreign students each year.

 The international students welcomed every year by Sciences Po Rennes follow the regular diploma syllabus or attend dedicated courses for international students, organised in French or English. They contribute to the school’s very outward-looking ethos, with cultural diversity provided by students of around thirty different nationalities: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, the United States, Japan, and Lithuania are just some of the countries represented.


A network of 130 partners

 To support its cooperation and exchange policy, Sciences Po Rennes has a network of 130 international partners, including through Erasmus and bilateral agreements, as well as drawing on the ISEP programme network. This partner network enables the school to offer a highly diverse range of destinations for students in their third year, dedicated to international mobility. One of the more recent partnership agreements is with Nuuk University in western Greenland.

 Internships and study trips are also regularly organised in France and abroad – destinations include Dakar, Marrakech, and Norway – enabling students to put their knowledge into practice as they encounter real-life situations, as well as helping to carry out studies and implement innovative strategies for actual cases.


Major events and informal activities

 Right from their first year, Sciences Po Rennes students are introduced to the concept of international mobility through lectures, workshops, and forums such as the ‘International mobility for study and internships’ forum, the ‘Exchange Fair’, and ‘Erasmus Days’. These events provide an opportunity to share, relate personal experiences, and meet guest partners and professionals.

 Sciences Po Rennes student associations also make a dynamic contribution to the school’s informal life, offering a wide range of different activities spanning interests such as politics, culture, solidarity, sport, sustainable development, and the international scene. Associations include Les Décloîtrés, Salam (Middle East), Pacha Mama (Latin America), Alea Jacta West (Games club), and the Franco-German integrated course’s alumni association.

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