The student participatory budget

by Jonas Sanson

It’s time for your projects! We welcome your ideas and suggestions for improving living and studying conditions.

Sciences Po Rennes’ management regularly organises a participatory budget for students on the Rennes and Caen campuses.

It’s up to you to make suggestions and decide on which projects to implement. In 2020, a total budget of €6,000 was earmarked for this initiative. For over one month, Sciences Po Rennes students (including those from the Caen campus and students abroad for the year) were invited to take part by suggesting one or more projects, individually or in groups (informal groups of students not including associations). As the school’s management explains, “Suggestions should be aimed at improving quality of life, the conditions of study on our campuses, and the Sciences Po Rennes community’s environmental and social responsibility.” The participatory scheme seeks projects in one of three broad areas: enhancing the environment and indoor and outdoor spaces; promoting informal times together; student health and welfare.

Projects are uploaded to a specific digital platform and then examined, with a feasibility study and acceptability study taking into account the student participatory budget rules, before being put to a vote by the school’s students. Projects with the most votes are then implemented during the course of the year.


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