Student life

The Institute is also a place where students enjoy a lively and productive social life. A host of extracurricular associations are open to students and contribute greatly towards life here at the IEP.

Articule: theatrical, musical and artistic activities

Batna: organization of simulations of international trade negotiations

Le Bureau Des Sports has 2 tasks:

  • the promotion and organization of sport in Sciences Po Rennes
  • the organization of Sciences Po presence at the “Critérium inter-IEP”

Le Cercle Des Etudiants
has 3 main tasks:

  • the organization of events in Sciences Po Rennes (Gala, parties…)
  • the representation of Sciences Po Rennes in information/counselling fairs,  and during the open day
  • the member card gives some advantages in different stores or cultural institutions, and a subscription to “Le Monde” at a preferential price.

Le Chapitre 
: debate club

Les Décloîtrés : magazine of Sciences Po students abroad

Le Défi L’express : participation in Défi L’Express Grandes Ecoles

Le Défi Voile : participation of Sciences Po Rennes in Course-croisière EDHEC 2010

Elykia : African society

Inter-Connexion : students connecting with professionals of all kind of fields

In Vino Veritas : Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society

Les Pieds Dans le Cloître : students newspaper

Photographie : photography club

Qui veut durable : economics and fair trade

SPR junior Conseil : Junior Entreprise of Sciences Po Rennes

Tout Asie Muts’ : promotion of Asian civilizations

Ysegoria : association organising conferences throughout the year

Zéphyr : association for foreign students

At the heart of student life here at the IEP is the coffee foyer (complete with piano!) which is used to relax in by staff and students alike. There is the annual ‘inter-IEP' sports competition, the annual ball organized by the Students Association and the numerous soirees and parties. There is however much more to student life in Rennes. The essence of student life here is to live in a town whose motto is “Live with intelligence” which gives some idea of the importance placed on culture, and efforts to live harmoniously. Rennes is regularly voted the pleasantest French city for students to live in.

Tel. : +33 - 2 99 84 39 18
Fax: +33 - 2 99 84 39 50