The administrative team

Sciences-Po Rennes is a small structure with approximately thirty people working full-time in its administration. In order of size the main services are: the library, the computer and networks service, student services, or "scolarité", and the international relations service. Two smaller services deal with internship and job opportunities, the other with budgeting and accounting. At the head of all these facilities is the Secretariat General - the coordinating and executive force in charge of the administrative team.


The teaching staff

The core of the teaching staff is made up of thirty academics. One third is “Agrégés”, qualification teachers who are responsible for bridging the student's experience between Lycée and University. They also form the basis of the methodological and skill-based training administered in our tutorials (conférences de méthode). Twenty lecturers and professors specialized in a wide variety of disciplines: US and Hispanic Civilization, Political science, History, Management, Economics, Media Studies and Sociology.

They introduce top quality, cutting edge national and international research to their teaching. Full time researchers from the CNRS also contribute to the teaching force.

Approximately half the courses and tutorials are given by “professionals”: senior civil servants, managers from private companies, and pioneers from the varied fields and job areas targeted by our students and master's graduates. Such a combination of skills and talents offers a high-level specialized training combining intellectual knowledge and both analytical and practical skills.

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