Valuing research

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Training at the Institute includes research and research skills.Half of the students write a 100-page long dissertation during their fourth year. Full-time researchers of the CNRS (the public body sponsoring research) teach in the amphitheatres and lecture-rooms of the IEP.

We host a research-team from the CNRS with six full-time researchers. This research body combines specialists in political science, mediastudies and sociology. The Center of Research on Political Action in Europe (CRAPE-CNRS) has four main research themes:

  • Media, Journalism and Public Sphere
  • Social and Health Policies in Europe
  • Territorial Governance and Comparative Analysis of Public Policies
  • Identity and Political Mobilization


Other colleagues belong to the research teams of the two local universities, in law and political economics.

Research at the Institute also involves organizing conferences and workshops, for example, the national conference of the Association française de Science Politique (French PSA) in 1999, the conference on “The Right-wing parties after 1945 in France” in 2006, and Joint sessions of the European Consortium for Political Research in 2008.

Finally, research also involves the presence of guests and lecturers of the highest calibrer: Alistair Cole, Jacques Commaille, Daniel Gaxie, Peter Hall, Pierre Hassner, Patrick Le Galès , Giovanni Levi, Jacques Semelin, and Sydney Tarrow.

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